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Dangerously Beautiful, Green Bay Beach – Pantai Teluk Hijau Banyuwangi.

Banyuwangi,  the most east resident in java island have a lot of beautiful beach. It Has plengkung beach as a heaven for surfer ers around the world, and another several beautiful beach.  Sukamade, Grajagan and pulau merah is another exotic beach facing to Indian ocean.
Green Bay Beach,Pantai teluk hija
Green Bay Beach - Banyuwangi
Green Bay beach, or in Indonesian known as “Pantai Teluk Hijau” or many sign/direction board is said Teluk Ijo in Javanese local Language is one of hidden paradise beach in Banyuwangi.
Pantai Teluk Hujau is located about two hours from Genteng City in Banyuwangi, it’s a city where my parents live. Its travel with normal self driving passenger car. Also Can be reach from Banyuwangi City about  two and half hour and about 4 hour from Jember city, with normal traffic situation.
The location is easy accessible for anyone with guidance from google Maps or Waze. The Road Condition about 70 % in asphalt very good condition, and 30 % in offroad with gravel. But don't worry, normal passenger car still can through comfortably until the Parking car field at Rajekwesi Beach.
Pantai Telyk Hijau, Teluk hijau beach, Green bay beach
For Normal Passenger car, the travel will end in Rajegwesi beach, where in this place there is parking point for visitor. But for 4X4 car, can continued the journey until near the Pantai Teluk Hijau, because of, the road condition.

Pantai teluk Hijau can be reach from pantai rajekwesi with two transportation moda, by sail with small boat or by walk about 1,5 km . If you don't like to walk, there is 1 motorcycle rent, can take you to point of climbing to down from top of the hill to the beach. The cost of motorcycle rent is about 1 USD – one way.

After arriving at climbing point, you must up to hill for a while and then down the hill for about 70 meter height and take about 45 minutes to arrived at the beach. Touch down from the hill you will be welcoming with the Stone Shore Beach, where is just the stone in the beach, sands is almost impossible to see. But There is a rule here to not leaving anything but footprint and not to take anything but Picture.
Pantai Teluk Hijau, Green bay beach, Banyuwangi beach
Stone Shore Beach
From the stone shore bay , you just follow through the path lane on the forest or walk along the beach stone about 300 meters. Afterwards you will found hidden secret gate that can guide you the the real paradise on earth, Pantai Teluk Hijau. Its feel like a mountaineers  reach the top of the peak…Amazingly incredible. The beach from paradise is await for You, speechless…

About 700 meters beach, with white sand, clear sea water, and extremely clean from garbage from people or wreck of plant. It's a crystal clear beach, as long as you can see.

At the beach also situated seasonal 10 meters water fall that can provide you for flushing or shower after you have  swim on the beach. The water is clean, fresh and cold. The real refresher for finish this great day, changing some clothe, and take some water and meal to enjoy.

Warning for all tourist to not give any food for monkey lives around here. Because once you gave foods for monkey, it can follow you all around and ready to take your belonging if you didn't watch.

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