Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

24 OKTOBER 2011

Happy Monday All
This Morning sunshine is very clear and bright, as bright as our hope to our future.
Last night rain has been replace by a warm weather today.
The headline for today is, the dies of simoncelli in sepang, earth quakes in Van, Turkey, and the biggest lost of united in old trafford.
This Morning, many of us just become a reader, viewer, and maybe just retweet on twitter, comment on facebook, and etc. the questions is, What is my idea this morning? What the situation which I became a Subject or key player.

Big idea is just on the paper untill we make it into reality.
What Your idea today?
What is your action, to make your idea realized?

Best Regards

Adi Setyo W
Nb : My idea today is buying my name domain.

www.adisetyo .com

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